I'm planning to conduct a Kids cooking class this summer, can you help me come up with a catchy class title?



BerryBaby February 20, 2018
Ok, sorry for the onesy... here are my final few...
Let’s Get Cookin’
Chop, Dice, Eat!
Magical Kitchen
Dinners Ready!
I think Lil’ Dumplings is my favorite and then Chop, Dice, Eat!

This was fun...thanks, Dan.
Sounds like a fun venture, happy cooking!🌷
BerryBaby February 20, 2018
Kreative Kookery
Michele February 20, 2018
The Plate Platoon
Tummy Tamers
The Gourmet Gang
The Chow Crowd
Appetizer to Zucchini

Nancy February 20, 2018
Also depends on your focus... specific meal, food or skills?
They're a bit anarchic that age; so I'd go in that direction.
Dessert First.
Breakfast for Dinner.
Dinner for Breakfast.
Frankenstein Foods.
What the Flintstones(R) Ate.
Gothic Grub.. An all-black meal.

Dan L. February 20, 2018
Well, I'm thinking of teaching a full course meal. Thank you for your suggestions.
BerryBaby February 20, 2018
Lil’ Dumplings!
Dan L. February 20, 2018
Thank you. It's cute.
MMH February 19, 2018
What's the age group?
Dan L. February 19, 2018
5 y/o to 12 y/o, Ma'am.
MMH February 20, 2018
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