I have a big tub of leftover sundried tomatoes! How best to use them? Help me, foodpickle!



ChefDaddy March 5, 2011
When I was faced with the same problem I added them to sauces and pasta salads. Used them for stuffing chicken breasts w/ Goat cheese and nuts. Used them for garnish in breads. I made a relish for a sandwich spread. Sundried tomato marinara. That's all I can remember at the moment. But, you can see that if there is a dish with tomato in it you can sub with the sundried tomato.
SKK March 5, 2011
If they aren't packed in oil, run them through a food processor, electric coffee grinder and make tomato powder which can be used for any recipe and will make flavors richer. The powder (as well as your sun-dried tomatoes) will keep for a long, long time.
pierino March 5, 2011
I turned in a recipe for harissa in the carrot competition. Combine the sundried tomatoes with reconstituted dried peppers. You can even soak both in the same water.
I've eaten so many carrots this week that I can see in the dark without night vision goggles.
Stephanie G. March 5, 2011
heidi swanson's red pesto ravioli...from 101 cookbooks website...it is a favorite!
student E. March 5, 2011
so many good suggestions -- i'm jealous i don't have any myself! you can also bake them into bread (or make a fougasse!). you could make your own harissa (i love ana sortun's recipe). or add it to hummus. also really good in a hearty grain salad (like couscous or even quinoa).
Sadassa_Ulna March 5, 2011
They are dried so they won't go bad any time soon. They could add sweet tanginess to so many things, like in pesto for pasta. Whip them into a soft cheese, sneak into a meatloaf, chicken salad, a grain salad, a savory late winter tart ... ;) If they are not oil-packed you can soak them in a little boiling water before chopping. I just posted a recipe for a vegan shepard's pie that uses 1/2 cup sundried tomatoes , it's in my profile.
Burnt O. March 5, 2011
Are they packed in oil? I have a great recipe posted for eggplant, mushroom and sundried tomato pasta sauce on my profile.

If not packed in oil, they are great in bread, meatloaf, whack them in the food processor with olive oil, garlic and basil to make a spread for crackers, stuff them in mushrooms, simmer them with onions for a caramelized onion and tomato jam...
testkitchenette March 5, 2011
I like to soak them in water to plump them and then grind them into a really rich tomato sauce/paste that I use on pizzas, pasta, sandwiches.
Kmack March 5, 2011
I love them in combination with goat cheese; put it on crackers, foccacia, sandwiches, and whatever else you'd like. I guess this would be more helpful if you also had a tub of leftover goat cheese...
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