Can altitude be causing my pizza dough to not rise? At 6,800.

I've tried different recipes, the temp. range recipes require is met and even after leaving it out all night, it does not rise.

  • Posted by: lbarlow
  • March 18, 2018


Miss_Karen March 26, 2018
Sounds like the yeast is the culprit. Make sure it's fresh (not expired.)
I store mine in the fridge until I need it, then bring it to room temp before adding it to the recipe.
Smaug March 19, 2018
It does sound like your yeast is the problem- have you tried proofing it (mix some with some warm water and flour and/or sugar- it should bubble and smell yeasty within a few minutes)?

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Emmie March 18, 2018
If anything, the altitude should cause it to rise more, since there's less atmospheric pressure. King Arthur Flour actually recommends decreasing the yeast and allowing it to proof in the fridge since it rises so much faster (
So, the issue might be your yeast--how old is it? Expired yeast won't rise much, if at all. Also, are you using the same kind as called for in the recipes?
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