Pizza dough

Hi everyone I amde pizza dough last night and set it to rise but it looking a little moist. its already risen- can I still add some bread flour to try and make it a little less wet?

Brandon J Ordonez


Elizabeth J. January 26, 2019
Hi Brandon. A wet dough is not a bad thing and you definitely don't want to incorporate a lot more flour post-rise. However, dusting your hands and surface when you go to roll out or stretch out the dough should help and won't hurt anything. I do this as a matter of practice anyway and it always works out just fine.
fishinwidow January 26, 2019
I wouldn't. In my experience, it's much easier to deal with a wet dough than to end up adding too much flour and trying to work with a stiff dough. It would probably be difficult to truly incorporate any more flour into the dough after it's already risen overnight. Good luck - and if it doesn't work out, just try again. It's never a bad idea to eat pizza!
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