boneless chicken thighs

i need a recipe for boneless skinless chicken thighs. to serve with mashed potatoes.

  • Posted by: lena
  • March 29, 2018


HalfPint March 30, 2018
This is a Hellman's/Best Foods recipe for parmesan crusted chicken breasts, but I've used b/s thighs without problems:

1. pat chicken dry with paper towels
2. smear with mayo (not low-fat). You'll want a light coating of mayo so that the coat can stick and the meat is protected from drying out.
3. coat with seasoned breadcrumbs/grated parmesan mixture
4. bake at 400F until internal chicken temp is 165F or knick a thickest piece and the juices run clear.
PHIL March 29, 2018
I would do them on a sheet pan in the oven. Here are some options , just watch the cooking time if you are using boneless Sheet pan is an easy way to go and the thighs work well here. Good luck!
PHIL March 29, 2018
How do you want to cook them? grill / roast /pan fry?
lena March 29, 2018
pan fry or roast
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