Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Arnold G


susan G. January 25, 2012
This was one of the mold breaking recipes in Mastering the Art of French Cooking (Julia Child et al). Delicious!
Arnold G. January 25, 2012
Thanks to all...
bigpan January 24, 2012
I roast the garlic first - roast the whole head with drizzle of olive oil, then add as much as you want to the potato.
Sam1148 January 25, 2012
Bigpan has the right answer.

You roast the garlic. Chop off a bit of the head of a bulb, add some olive oil to moisten the bulb..wrap in foil and bake about 375 for 30 mins.
Then squeeze the roasted garlic from each clove into potatoes while you continue to make, mashed potatoes, with creme, salt, butter..etc. And please don't use a mixer to whip it to crap, you might as well use potato flakes if you do that.
angiegeyser January 24, 2012
Depends on how garlicky you want them... I toss 5-6 garlic cloves right in with the potatoes when I boil them and then mash it up with melted butter, heavy cream, salt and pepper. You could definitely add more garlic depending on your taste.
StrawberryPye January 24, 2012
Use about 25% garlic as the total mass of mash, lots of butter and/or whipped cream. I reccomend roasting the garlic lightly to bring out the best flavour.
Arnold G. January 24, 2012
The best way to make them???
hrosdail January 24, 2012
What is the question?
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