Plastic leg truss in my turkey

I have never cooked a turkey before but I was given a frozen, prebrined one a while back. I discovered this AM when I opened it up to remove giblets, that there is this plastic web thing embedded deep within the back, instructions are to use this to secure legs together during roasting. Roasting the plastic seemed like a bad idea but it clearly instructs to use this. I was planning to use the hi/low combined heat method as listed in recipe for "the Judy bird" but now wonder if the plastic should forgo the high heat and just do 325 as wrapper suggests. Or I can cut the silly thing out. I have volunteered this turkey for my sister's Easter buffet.



caninechef April 2, 2018
I cut as much of the plastic out that I could. It would have been impossible
To totally remove without dismantling the turkey. Turkey came out great and all dinners seemed to enjoy. Thanks for heelp.
702551 March 31, 2018
Yeah, I don't like these either. The FDA says these devices needs to be made from food-safe materials, but how much should I trust them.

Plus, they look bad.

I usually cut them off and replace with cotton twine.

Best of luck.
inpatskitchen March 31, 2018
Personally I would get that plastic thing out and truss the legs with butcher's twine (or don't truss).
pierino March 31, 2018
I agree with Inpatskitchen. Use kitchen twine. The main thing is to fill the cavity (whole fruit works well), pin the flap, aka the pope's nose, closed and tie the legs together. You are now ready to cook your bird.
I like to cook a capon this way too.
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