do you have an electric griddle you like for pancakes? I've had it with cheap griddles, my most recent is over 100 degrees too hot!!

Arthur J Goldman


ktr April 4, 2018
No, you don’t need an electric griddle. I normally just use a cast iron skillet for pancakes. I will use 2 do them if I need to do a lot of pancakes. A griddle would be faster but I have a small kitchen and limited storage space.
Smaug April 3, 2018
I have one made by Bella Cucina that I bought for about $20 on sale at Macy's; I don't think I've ever used it for anything but English muffins, but it's always been rock steady for that. It's a very simple device, no reason it should be very expensive- you probably just have a lemon. You have my sympathy, there are few things fouler than a burned pancake.
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