Pancake muffin

I recently had a chocolate chip muffin at a coffee shop that tasted like a chocolate chip pancake. Do you think it was a pancake flavored muffin or do you think pancake batter was used to make the muffins? T



creamtea May 10, 2018
It's usually with the cocoas and chocolate milk powders. You can also use Ovaltine. In either one you should go for the "original malted" flavor, not chocolate or vanilla.
creamtea May 9, 2018
Lately I have been adding malted milk powder (Carnation brand) to my pancake recipes, as recommended by Serious Eats, to give them that coffee-shop pancake flavor. You can add that to the dry ingredients when baking to add the toasty malty flavor you may be thinking of. I wonder if that is what you are tasting in those muffins?
Rachelwrites May 10, 2018
I never considered this! If the pancake batter doesn't work I will try this next. Is the matted milk powder sold near the canned milks? Thank you!
Valerio F. May 8, 2018
My high school cafeteria used to pour chocolate chip studded pancake batter into muffin tins for the pillowiest, airiest, most delicate desserts ever.
Rachelwrites May 10, 2018
I thought it could be done! I will try this coming week! Thank you.
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