I have everything chopped (pork cubes, carrot, onion, potato) was supposed to use it for stew kind of thing. That idea is gone now that I bought the wrong sauce. Now I'm going to throw chopped ingredients on a baking dish and into the oven to all roast at 450. How long should I bake

  • Posted by: lena
  • April 3, 2018


creamtea April 4, 2018
Agree with Smaug, you don't need a jarred sauce to make stew. Baking in the oven will probably result in a dry and tough dish. Here's the general idea: https://www.epicurious.com/recipes-menus/how-to-cook-beef-pork-lamb-stew-without-recipe-article It is not difficult, and will taste much better than something out of a jar. And you'll have the reward of having made something fresh and flavorful. You can!
Smaug April 4, 2018
Not familiar with that article, but I'd say as a general thing that mastering- or at least gaining confidence with- stews is a great way to work on general cooking skills- sequencing ingredients, balancing dishes, combining flavors etc., as well as plenty of knife practice, in a very forgiving medium.
Smaug April 4, 2018
Well, it's 12 hours later, it's probably done by now. I'm kind of curious as to what sort of stew would require a storebought sauce, though.
Dina April 5, 2018
Probably one of those simmer sauce things you see in the grocery store. Not quite making things from scratch, but still better than a frozen meal or those pre-packaged meats you find next to the pre-packaged cold cuts in my opinion.

My guess is that the cubed pork was waaaaaaay overcooked by the time the potatoes and carrots got tender in the oven, especially if they were similar sizes.

lena April 3, 2018
Also is a glass pan ok to use
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