I have a recipe for chapati (Indian flatbread) and I am wondering if I can make the dough ahead of time?

I have made the recipe several times from the Made in India cookbook but it feels like a lot to do right during crazy dinner prep time. Just wondering if it would do ok if I made it a few hours ahead of time?

Elle Jensen


Lost_in_NYC April 6, 2018
Agreed with Pistachio - the dough will turn browner as it ages in the fridge but will still be good to use. Let it come to room temperature about 15-20 minutes before you actually want to start rolling them out. You can also **very lightly** oil the dough if its too sticky.
Devangi R. April 6, 2018
Yes, you can store it for a week. Only thing that would happen would be the color may become slightly brown overtime. I make enough dough to use it 3 times a week and store it in airtight container in the fridge.
Smaug April 5, 2018
No problem- it really should rest for an hour or so, and will keep for at least a couple of days tightly wrapped in the refrigerator, probably longer- there's not much that's going to happen to it.
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