We are traveling to Paris, France in May. My teen daughter is severely allergic to peanuts and all tree nuts and oils. How can we eat safely for her i

  • Posted by: sile
  • April 7, 2018


Shuna L. April 8, 2018
Alo! Also, you can tell the airline. The last flights I was on made announcements in many languages regarding peanuts - asking all flyers not to eat peanuts on the flight.

As far as eating out - steer clear of Asian restaurants, as they might be frying foods in peanut oil. Try to eat in restaurants with high ratings - those ones generally have chefs who will pay attention to allergy cards.

Luckily for you, peanuts are not a popular ingredient in France. Generally speaking, the legume is most popular in the USA.
Nancy April 8, 2018
Select accommodation with a kitchen & do your own shopping and cooking (for most or all of the trip).
Learn the French names of her allergens so you can check packages.
If you plan to eat out, have a card printed in French and English explaining your daughter's allergies.
Contact for advice bloggers in Paris who know the local food scene, deal with tourists and know English. E.g.: clothilde dusolier (chocolate and zucchini blog), Patricia wells, David lebovitz (names spelling may not be 109%).
Nancy April 8, 2018
Not 100% above (it's Clotilde Dusoulier) but here are links:
SKK April 8, 2018
My daughter has serious food issues and when traveling she takes her own food, and we always stay in a place where we have a kitchen. Restaurants are just not an option for us.
sile April 9, 2018
Thank You so very much for this information. I will contact them. I am grateful for your time and kindness. S.
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