I made a Scallop Casserole that called for chicken/seafood stock, It is so salty & the seafood taste is so strong.Is there anyway to safe this dish?

how do I save this dish, I made a large recipe & it is expensive.

  • Posted by: Cathi
  • April 24, 2018


MMH April 24, 2018
Can you dilute it and make it in to soup?
dinner A. April 24, 2018
What else is in the casserole? I can think of several options that would all rely on rice to dilute out the salt and seafood flavor.
Depending on its texture, you could simply serve it over rice like a stew. A big squeeze of lemon will also help temper the perception of salt and almost always makes seafood taste better. Some chopped parsely might also help lighten and freshen the fishy flavor.
If it is simply seasoned or its seasonings are compatible, you could also jury-rig it into an étouffée (served over rice) or into paella. If it has a dairy component I wouldn't recommend either of these.
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