potatoes with roots growing?

Is it safe to eat potatoes that have little roots growing, as long as I cut those (and any green parts) out?



Panfusine March 6, 2011
With Burntofferings on this one. just scoop around the root area, generously put off the green portion & use up the tuber. As long as they potatoes are not mushy & smelly in parts! those are gross!
I do that all the time, & am alive & kicking!,
totalnoms March 6, 2011
Thank you so much Burnt Offerings and BlissfulBaker! Youve saved me money (and a trip to the grocery store)! :)
Blissful B. March 6, 2011
I agree with burnt offerings & do the same.

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Burnt O. March 6, 2011
I do it all the time and lived to tell about it - so yes. If they're soft, or have black spots, I toss them, but gouge out their eyes, clean 'em up and use em.
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