Anyone Have a Root-Beer Cake Recipe?

Root Beer is not a common flavor here so I was anticipating my cake made with hoarded cans of root beer! Searching on-line the recipes were EXACTLY THE SAME down to the amount of Chocolate! But I baked one and was SOOOO disappointed, it didn't taste like root beer at all-just chocolate. Does anyone have a recipe that tastes like root beer to share? Thanks.



bleackkendall February 3, 2022
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KLS January 21, 2022
BoulderGalinTokyo February 3, 2022
This might work...
But i'm eager to try the root beer floats, have to find the root beer first...
702551 January 4, 2022
If you want root beer taste in a baked good, use a root beer extract or concentrate like Zatarains.

Alternatively you can boil down your precious cans of root beer to make your own.
BoulderGalinTokyo January 21, 2022
I searched Amazon for the concentrate but no shipping out of the country at this time. Maybe Covid related?

But I hadn't thought of making my own syrup so that's a good thought, thanks.
Nancy January 4, 2022
Another angle - most of the soda-pop cakes don't taste of the soda pop.
If you want something to taste of root beer, try making your own recipe using root beer extract or sarsaparilla (related to root beer).
Nancy January 4, 2022
PS if the cake is difficult now, and you can get or make ice cream they like, consider root beer floats as a special treat dessert.
AntoniaJames January 4, 2022
Hear, hear, to that, Nancy. If root beer is hard to come by, it would be much better to enjoy it in a way that you really can taste it. I can think of no better way to do that, other than drinking it plain, than using it in a root beer float with vanilla ice cream.
BoulderGalinTokyo January 21, 2022
Don't know why I hadn't thought of this! Great suggestion!!!
drbabs January 4, 2022
Hi Boulder gal. Hope your family wasn’t affected by the fires. I’m thinking that the chocolate overwhelmed the other flavors. What about using a basic yellow cake recipe and working from there? Rather than using your precious cans of root beer, you might try infusing the liquid in the cake recipe with herbs and spices that are commonly used to make root beer (assuming you can get them). Here’s an article about making your own root beer.
BoulderGalinTokyo January 21, 2022
Hi Dr Babs, thanks for your concern. The fires were just a neighborhood over. We did have flooding (In dry Colorado) a few years back. Extreme weather is going to increase as a problem for everyone I fear...

I tried to get Sassafrass tea from Amazon but it couldn't be shipped out of the country (for now I think)
bleackkendall January 4, 2022
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702551 January 4, 2022
Well, the first and most obvious question is what chocolate did you use? Even simple chocolate like Morinaga will blow doors tastewise over ersatz Hersheys.

Let's not forget that the Japanese stuff is typically less sweet than the American stuff. Chocolate is basically cocoa and sugar so the less sweet stuff (percentage wise) has the balance filled with cocoa. America's Test Kitchen has repeatedly pointed this out.

Moreover, a lot of the Japanese consumer expectations are higher to begin with. The superiority of Japanese KitKat bars over American KitKat bars is well known (and has existed for decades). As a resident of Japan, you should be well aware that Japanese Western-style patisseries will blow doors over the typical American bakery in terms of selection, execution, aesthetics, and overall quality.
BoulderGalinTokyo January 4, 2022
Thanks for your reply. Yes, I know all that. The point is I wanted a Root Beer Flavor. All the recipes were from English sites. Most Japanese can't stand the taste, or even smell, of licorice or root beer (including my husband), so the cake was for my children who love (but can't find) these flavors.
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