Baking chicken double serving

I bake chicken at 350 for 75 minutes. I have to double the serving for a family meal. Do I increase the bake time? Do I follow the general rule of thumb of subtracting 1/3 then doubling then adding the 1/3 back? What do I do? 😣

Julie Wilson


jopqa May 11, 2018
I am not familiar with the 1/3 general rule of thumb you mention, but if it were I doing the cooking, I would bake 2 chickens of the same size with the same temp and baking time you mentioned above-- 350 for 75 min. If the bird is double the size, then I would calculate a total cooking time of about 20-25 min per pound.
Nancy May 11, 2018
Agree. And use thermometer or other touch/color signs you use to indicate doneness.
Nancy May 13, 2018
Meant to include, signs I use:
* temp reaches 165F internal
* cut into chicken & juices run clear
* push on the surface and bird feels firm
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