Saved recipes disappeared from my profile

I had several categories of recipes I’ve been saving for awhile, now are gone. What happened?



Adi1945 May 20, 2018
Collections titled .... beans, rice, Georgian, sweets, Mexican, among some others.
Lindsay-Jean H. May 21, 2018
Hi again, thanks for the response. It appears you have more than one account (this one: and this one: Any chance you're signed into one on your iPhone and the other on your iPad?
Lindsay-Jean H. May 15, 2018
Hi Chris, I'm so sorry to hear this! I'll check into it and try and figure out what happened. Do you have an idea of how many collections went missing?
Adi1945 May 16, 2018
Over 10 collections. They disappeared from my iPad but I just discovered they’re present on my iPhone. I can transfer them over but can’t understand why they would disappear at all. Thanks for checking! I really enjoy this site.
Lindsay-Jean H. May 16, 2018
Feel free to respond here or email me directly at: [email protected] It would also be helpful to know when the collections disappeared. Thank you!
Lindsay-Jean H. May 16, 2018
Ha, looks like we were typing at the same time. Thanks for that info, I'll pass it on to the tech team!
Lindsay-Jean H. May 16, 2018
Hi again Chris, I have a few more follow up questions from the tech team: Assuming you haven't finished fixing your collections, could you share a link to one of the missing collections that's visible on your iPhone but not your iPad? Could you also share a link to one of the ones you've transferred? Could you share what the 10 collections are?
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