Can I take a recipe I saved and move it to a new collection?

Now that we can create categories under which to place recipes we choose to save, can I take a recipe that I saved earlier and move into another category?

  • Posted by: Regine
  • April 11, 2014


Regine April 11, 2014
Droplet and CookingVictoria, thanks so much. Doing this right now.
cookinginvictoria April 11, 2014
Yes, you can. You can keep recipes in favorites or you can move them to one or more categories of your own choosing by clicking on the Save icon (on the right). This will call up a list of the categories that you have created and you can just click on whichever ones you want. You can save recipes to more than one category, but you have to open the saved list each time you do so. It closes automatically after one category is selected. And I just discovered yesterday that you also are able to choose the cover photo for each collection. Just go to edit collection to do this. It's all pretty nifty!
Droplet April 11, 2014
Under each recipe are two buttons - one with a heart symbol and a numerical value on the side, and one "save" button. Clicking on the first puts any given recipe or article on the site in a common Favorites folder under your profile. Clicking on the "save" button opens a drop-down menu which allows you to choose which one of your already created collections to add/move the recipe to. If something is already in your favorites, simple follow the second option.
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