What happened to the totals for those who 'saved' my recipes?

Many features have disappeared! It made me feel good seeing how many had 'saved' my recipes. Now it's gone. I get the notification that it's been saved but no longer a running total. I'm sure others miss it too! BB💐



BerryBaby November 11, 2018
There are some things that need updating on FAQ. 'What is the contest schedule?' It's showing the old contest format.
Miss_Karen November 10, 2018
Along the same lines if 'progress' WHY are questions that are 6-8 years old still on the hotline? An answer given to a question asked 8 years ago is now irrelevant.
BerryBaby November 11, 2018
I agree. What I don't understand is how people don't see it such an old old thread and they still answer it.
cranberry November 6, 2018
How about testing some of these iterative changes with members before messing with features that people enjoy? I'm just waiting for a competitor to rise to the fore - Food 52 was built on the backs of the community members and they are no longer on the priority list. It's all about the almighty dollar now. There is room in the market for another site that is more like the old Food 52.
Bevi November 6, 2018
I agree with the community commenters. On a site that features community-sources recipes, it makes sense that contributors would be interested to know that their recipes are appreciated. Also, I would like to see the past contest winners and runners-up link reinstated. Am not sure why either of these links have been taken down, or the rationale behind that decision on a community-based site.
BerryBaby November 5, 2018
I see many have saved my Harvest Muffin recipe from the apple contest, along with my other entries. I'd love to know how many...
Miss_Karen November 4, 2018
I miss this feature as well. Bring it back!

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creamtea November 1, 2018
Me too! I loved that feature. Here's why it should stay: it's a vote of confidence in the contributor, and it motivates one to continue using the site. We know the editors believe and value the community--why not continue the good feedback?

Please bring back. We know you work hard keeping the site fresh and up-to-date. I get that the main focus now is on sales, but you've said (in the articles I've read) that social media is a valuable part of your business plan. Why not keep the stuff that keeps us happy? :)
Laura November 1, 2018
Thanks for reaching out. We hear your concerns and want you to know that we're taking them under consideration. We're constantly working to improve the website, but these changes happen iteratively over time. We hope that you understand and ask for your patience as we continue to work through some of these issues.

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