To reiterate... a weight on the rhubarb? Thx :)



Nancy May 29, 2018
For weight questions, I always go to a nutrition data base, which gives food values by common weights (oz, 100g) or volumes (cup).
They also give weights & nutrient values for produce and meat, by common sizes as grown or sold.
Raw rhubarb stalk, for example, comes in at 51g each. So 12 of them make 612g.
Erin M. May 29, 2018
Great advice, Nancy! The last time I made it, I used just about 1 1/4 pounds! It’s pretty easy to eyeball it based on how much fruit topping you’d personally prefer!
Nancy May 29, 2018
Erin - I always dither about answering a question on a recipe...
* on one hand, afraid to step on author's toes,
* on other, want to help baker/cook if I have info.
Nice to hear that you liked the answer.
PS It's easy to eyeball the recipe once you've made it, but for the first time - or to scale up/down - it's nice to know weight.
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