How to use up homemade chocolate crumb?

Hi! I was planning on making Milk Bar's candy bar pie for a food swap that has now been canceled. I'm left with a gallon bag of homemade chocolate crumb that was going to become the crust for the pies. Any suggestions for what to do with them? My family doesn't really go in for big desserts so I probably won't make the pies (I have enough for three big pies anyway) but suggestions for bar cookies, quickbreads, etc would be amazing.

  • Posted by: Emmie
  • June 8, 2018


Rachelwrites June 10, 2018
I've made these brownies and they turned out well
BerryBaby June 9, 2018
I love the Magic Cookie Bar recipe...instead of a graham cracker crust use the cookie crumbs. Recipe can be found online. Search Magic Cookie Bars.
BerryBaby June 8, 2018
They can be frozen in zip bags for later use.
Nancy June 9, 2018
Agree with the freezing idea.
If you want to use (some or all) now, have a look at this thread about using broken chocolate chip cookies. Not identical in texture or properties, but yes bits of good chocolate that can be used in desserts.
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