Thanksgiving Dessert - Help Please!!

Despite my attempts at being organized I have found myself without a dessert for Thanksgiving and I really can't go out and buy something. I would like something for 4 people and do have a helper. Pie or pudding?
I have 1 sugar pumpkin, 1 apple, 3 yams, 1 bar 60% bittersweet chocolate plus everything for pie - flour/eggs/butter/milk and all the usual range of spices. I have 2 containers sour cream, but no other cream. Any suggestions would be really greatly appreciated as right now I am going a deer in the headlights.

  • Posted by: Michele
  • November 24, 2016


Michael R. November 24, 2016
use yams to make pie! can also make an ersatz ganache with a little milk and lots of chocolate.
Nancy November 24, 2016
I would go for a no-crust sweet potato dessert. Poach them in a sugar syrup, spread in shallow bowls or serving platter. Chill. Top with melted chocolate or chocolate ganache. Chill again. Serve with light sweetened whipped sour cream as garnish and shots or snifters of complementary spirit (bourbon, rum, whatever).
Sounds good, no?
Nancy November 24, 2016
PS. Meant to say you should puree the poached sw potatoes. But you could also cut them in wedges and serve that way. Also if you have nuts, toast and sprinkle a few on the sour cream garnish.
Michele November 24, 2016
Thank you for this!! My helper has disappeared (finals) and I am on my own.....this is very doable for me while doing everything else. I hope.
Amanda S. November 24, 2016
Morning, Michele! Sound like you can definitely pull off a sweet potato pie: Put that helper to work on a butter-based pie dough (like this one: and then once it's chilled, roll it out over a pie dish. Here's a filling recipe, too:

And if that feels like a lot more work than you're up for, David Lebovitz's Chocolate Idiot Cake is a no-brainer:
Michele November 24, 2016
Thank you so much Amanda!!! Both look perfect - in fact I might just do them both. I knew there was something I could come up with but panic took over and I just couldn't think straight. Thank you again and Happy Thanksgiving!
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