Making loco moco for a crowd.

Next month's potluck club's theme is Hawaiian food. I found this recipe for Loco Moco: I can work out the math fine to make for a crowd but I am wondering about make ahead prospects as I only have an hour from when I get off work to when the club meets and 30 minutes of that is travel time. If I make it and layer in a casserole dish (without the eggs). At what temp and for how long should I reheat until it is nice and warm and can be topped with the eggs?




SKK June 25, 2018
Wow, I admire your energy! Do not have an answer to your question and have a suggestion. Check out the recipes at Saveur. There are several make ahead Hawaii dishes that may not be so time consuming.
Rachelwrites June 26, 2018
Thanks for the suggestions.
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