Clams with pasta question 🙋🏽

I’ve been tasked with making a dinner for 8 of clams and linguine (or another pasta?) and have to make it ahead (like 20/30 minutes. Then keep it warm before serving - I’ve always just make it fresh to serve - how does one prep this ahead of time or should I not attempt this and just make it fresh?

  • Posted by: Bete
  • February 16, 2023


HalfPint February 17, 2023
Taking a page from Ideas in Food by Aki Akamozawa & Alex Talbot: hydrate the pasta ahead of time. You would be pre-soaking pasta in cold water for ~2-24hours. The pre-soaked pasta can then be added with the clams and both will cook in the same amount of time. This skips the step of boiling the pasta.
Bete February 17, 2023
Great tip, thank you!
Nancy February 17, 2023
Or you could cook the pasta partly in advance, store in fridge, then finish cooking and combine with sauce just before serving.
See Barilla pasta website for “how to cook pasta in advance” directions.
Bete February 17, 2023
Thank you for the advice I like the idea of par cooking the pasta
Emmie February 17, 2023
Honestly, I’d try and make it fresh if at all possible. I think the pasta will overcook if it sits—maybe the clams too—and it’ll be hard to keep it warm. It all comes together in about as long as it takes to boil the pasta, though, so maybe what you could do is prep everything (chop shallots/garlic/parsley, zest/juice lemon) ahead of time and then finish making it just before it’s time to eat.
Bete February 17, 2023
Amazing- that you for the advice- I appreciate it
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