Need an educated opinion regarding substitutions while using boxed cake mix...

I have made boxed brownies and substituted BOTH the water and vegetable oil needs with cold coffee and coconut oil and they were some of the best brownies my family has ever tasted. My question now is that I needed to take a short cut on a coconut cake and although I have made the filling and frosting from scratch...I am using my favorite boxed cake mix-Duncan Hines "Delights"-French vanilla. I want the cake to have a flavor of coconut and wondering if I can substitute the water requirement with unsweetened coconut milk and opinions on how it would taste. Don't have time for a trial run...Any opinions?

Christine Vichi


BakerRB June 30, 2018
The sub should work fine. I don't think it'll add a strong flavor, though, so the extract suggestion is a good one. I bet the extra saturated fat in the brownie substitution made the texture nice.

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boulangere June 30, 2018
Go right ahead with the coconut milk substitution. You might also add some coconut extract. Those brownies sound delicious.
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