Do you have a recipe suggestion for healthy, simple weeknight meals?

Each week CKUMB feeds 150 local folks in Dorchester and we have some restrictions with meal planning. We focus on nutrition education, so our meals must be healthy and because grocery bags with ingredients and recipes are given to families on Wednesdays, the meals must be fairly quick. We don't have refrigeration space right now, so they also must be non-perishable with the exception of veggies. Ideas?



Anitalectric March 8, 2011
Kabocha Squash Cassoulet, from my blog.
healthierkitchen March 7, 2011
sorry - here's the link:

good luck!
healthierkitchen March 7, 2011
Great ideas - in addition to beans, you could do lentil soup - even red lentil soup. Melissa Clark has a good one from her NYT column. You can add in a little more water and some bulgur, as well as swirl in some spinach for a one dish meal.
SKK March 7, 2011
First of all, I really admire the work you are doing! Not clear about your logistical constraints and below are some ideas. They are simple and fun to make (thinking of the picture of the kids with roma tomatoes in front of them on your web-site.)

There is a recipe for carrot and parsnip fettuccine on this site.
It is very satisfying and quick to make and doesn't need anything high-tech.

I am with student epicure about beans. Dried beans gives you more for the dollar. You can combine them with onions, canned tomatoes, any vegetables really. Don't have to soak them overnight, just bring to a boil covered with about 3 inches of water, boil for a couple of minutes, take off the burner and let sit for an hour. Strain the water out, rinse and cook for about 90 minutes - add aromatics like bay leaf, garlic, onions and don't salt until they have simmered for about 45 minutes. You can add canned tomatoes, any spices from cumin to curry to berbera.

Mark Bittman has a recipe for socca that is made with chickpea flour. Something like this could be a great base for any kind of sauteed vegetables.

Hope this is useful. Thank you for your work!
student E. March 7, 2011
pasta is definitely quick and easy, but definitely aiming for whole wheat is important if you are trying to promote health eating habits. i would try to load up on veggies with the pasta. doing a puttanesca sauce with broccoli, roasted/sauteed butternut squash with red onions. tomato and fennel bulbs...the list goes on! also trying to incorporate beans, which are inexpensive and full of good protein. you could do black beans with carrots, onions, bell peppers and spices (cumin & oregano), served over rice. also, a quick minestrone soup using canned beans and tomatoes plus some other sauteed veg (zucchini, carrots, spinach..).
fiveandspice March 7, 2011
You might also try something like this:
And if keeping around things like fresh ginger, cilantro, and jalapenos is a problem, you could instead use ground ginger, red pepper flakes and skip the cilantro.
CKUMBChelsea March 7, 2011
No eggs, no cheese.
fiveandspice March 7, 2011
Whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce is an awfully easy and healthy meal! Or, cook up some canned beans or chickpeas with garlic, canned tomatoes and spices (you could choose Latin American spices like a mix of cumin and chile powder for black beans or Middle Eastern spices like a blend of cumin, coriander, cinnamon, and a tiny bit of cayenne for the chickpeas). Then, serve with rice.
aargersi March 7, 2011
No eggs? No cheese?
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