No-heat healthy meals or simple fixes for hospital stay

I've been admitted to the hospital this week for a potentially long stay and the food situation has got to be fixed! The cafeteria menu the hospital serves is not the healthy, fresh food I'd make at home, and as I'm pregnant I want to keep eating well. I have a fridge in my room, and can ask a nurse to microwave something if I want, though it's simplest to just be able to grab and go. Can anyone recommend some healthy meal staples that my husband or friends could make and bring me to stock my fridge? Minimal preparation when I need to eat is the key. I love cooking, and not being able to "choose" my own meals and ingredients is driving me nuts. Thanks!

  • Posted by: MegB
  • March 13, 2015


kimhw March 13, 2015
Google mason jar meals. Or mason jar salads. Many of the recipes are designed so that you can make them on the weekend and they last in the fridge all week. A great breakfast are muffin tin frittatas. Make your egg custard, add your favorite meats, veggies and cheese, pour into muffin tins bake until just a bit underdone. Reheat one minute in the microwave. If you don't want to have to hear in the morning, overnight oats.
For more ideas, tell your nurses and doctor that you would like to meet with the dietitian on staff. They will have great ideas for you.
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 13, 2015
Has the hospital implemented any dietary restrictions or preferences for your condition?
ktr March 13, 2015
I agree with making sure you get enough protein, but I'll also suggest you make sure to drink enough fluids and eat plenty of fiber. Unfortunately the "digestive issues" that go along with pregnancy will be worsened by laying in bed in the hospital.
JulieS March 13, 2015
How about some healthy soups, this is a good one that can have more protein added with chicken sausage or shredded chicken and you can substitute canned chickpeas for dried to make it easier on the person cooking for you: Another idea that's really simple and a good dish to eat right out of the fridge is whole wheat angel hair pasta with olive oil, garlic, basil and either shrimp or ciligine mozzarella (if you are ok with dairy). Good luck!

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Pegeen March 13, 2015
One possibility is to work with a nutritionist to have some meals made for you. It's hard for non-medical people who don't know the details of your condition (plus that you're pregnant) to make informed recommendations for you.
Healthline March 13, 2015
Salads with high-quality protein may be your best option. Caribbean Chicken Salad ( could be good for lunch or dinner as would Creamy Citrus Chicken Salad ( Your husband/friends could use a rotisserie chicken for both of these recipes. And Mediterranean Quinoa Salad is another tasty option that's pretty easy to prepare (

Hope these help, and you recover soon!
Nancy March 13, 2015
Continuing in this high quality protein line, bean salads with plenty of fruit (fresh or fries), nuts & seeds. Eat with some dense whole grain breads or crackers for flavor & better nourishment. European rye is good, and easy to digest. Also chopped salads (easy to spoon out, last longer than lettuce ones), hard & soft cheeses, plain yogurt made from whole not skimmed milk, crudites for munching. Also best wishes for peace of mind abd full recovery.
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