Ideas for overcooked, dry chocolate cake? Does not need to be served as a true cake . . .

  • Posted by: Mollyh
  • October 24, 2013


ATG117 October 27, 2013
I'd second the trifle/bread pudding ideas. Another option (if you like that kind of thing) is cake truffles.
Kels M. October 25, 2013
If I ever have a cake that comes out too dry or some leftover poundcake that is beginning to get stale, I make trifle! When you layer the pieces of cake with a fruit sauce (raspberry or strawberry would be fantastic), some pudding or custard, & some fluffy whipped cream, there is too much wonderful happening for anyone to notice that the cake isn't super tender & moist.
M.McAwesome October 25, 2013
That sounds so good! I want to make a dried out cake just to do this with raspberries and whipped cream. MMmmmm
rt21 October 25, 2013
Or make a chocolate trifle
ChefOno October 24, 2013

Or maybe a chocolate riff on pan tres leches?

make chocolate bread pudding...they are too good trust me
ZombieCupcake October 24, 2013
Individual parfaits ?
ChefOno October 24, 2013

Leave the cake in the pan, pour your choice of liqueur over it and allow to soak in thoroughly (it takes awhile). Trader Vic's Kona Coffee liqueur or Kahlúa would be good choices. Curaçao would be another way to go, as would cherry…

boulangere October 24, 2013
Alternatively, brush it generously with some simple syrup: 8 ounces of water to 8 ounces of sugar (1 1/8 cups) brought to a boil, then cooled. The simple syrup will moisten it. Serve the cake warm with some good ice cream. Don't tell anyone - let them tell you how wonderful it is!
Droplet October 24, 2013
Crumble it and dry further in a low oven, then process into crumbs and use to cover a frosted vanilla cake.
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