Im making the APPLE ROSE TARTLETS. I bought frozen puff pastry sheets. I don't know how to use them for this recipe. Help!

I don't know how many sheets to use for each tart. Do I use butter & sugar in between each sheet? What temp to bake them at?



CooknChia September 1, 2018
No instructions on package. Says use recipes instructions. The package has 2 rolls of 9"x14" sheets, about 17-21 sheets per roll. I cut 3 1/2" circles (my largest cutter), scored the circles and baked a a baking sheet.They don't look anything like the recipe picture. They're flat and dull.
Smaug September 1, 2018
Yeah, didn't work for me either- a second batch using a weight in the center worked better; I used a smaller cookie cutter wrapped in foil. I've made this recipe before using a regular tart crust and it worked pretty well- the apples are easier to do than you might think.
Smaug September 1, 2018
ps- I'm not sure we're using the same pastry- a sheet of puff pastry should be something like 1/8" thick, probably a bit more. Your description sounds more like maybe phylo dough?
Smaug September 1, 2018
You don't have to layer the puff pastry. Per the instruction, you cut a circle a bit larger than your rosette and score it around the edge, allowing the edge to puff more than the center, making a rim. The pastry should come with baking instructions; probably 12-15 minutes at 400 degrees. I now feel compelled to try this.
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