Boiled Eggs - Instant Pot - Can't find my sweet spot!

I like my eggs about 6-7 minutes eggs...not completely hard boiled but not gooey either! For whatever reason, I have tried cooking them at 5 minutes, 6 minutes, and 7 minutes with natural release one minute, or sometimes two minutes, or sometimes quick release. Unfortunately I'm not able to achieve the middle ground. I get overcooked or very soft boiled. Do you have any insights or tips to help me achieve perfect, in the middle eggs? I love using the pressure cook method for the ease of peeling, so I don't want to return to the stove method.

Stephanie G


ktr September 6, 2018
I cook mine on low pressure for 5 minutes and then do a quick release and then either put them in an ice bath or fill the pot with ice.
Jerry September 5, 2018
I cook them under pressure for 4 minutes then completely turn off the Instant Pot by unplugging the machine (not even letting the IP's "keep warm" function to kick in). I then wait exactly 4 minutes and then do a quick release of the pressure. The eggs then immediately go into bowl of ice water until they have cooled completely. I get very soft but not gooey yolks.
Jerry September 5, 2018
And I forgot to mention, I use a generous cup full of water.
paseo September 5, 2018
I can't be bothered to haul out the IP for eggs (much as I like the thing). And I have never found my sweet spot either, so I went back to steaming them and they come out perfect for my taste every time. Check out Serious Eats for useful information.
Emma L. September 5, 2018
Hi Stephanie! Here's an awesome article all about cooking eggs in the Instant Pot: Hope it helps!
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