Instant Pot carnitas in a STOVETOP pressure cooker

How can I convert my IP carnitas recipe to a stovetop pressure cooker? For the IP, I cook on high pressure 40 minutes, then let it naturally release for 15 minutes. How do I change the time? Do I need to add more liquid because of the steam? HELP!

  • Posted by: Natalie
  • February 27, 2019


Lori T. February 28, 2019
I don't know how much liquid you normally add to your IP, but for a stovetop pressure cooker it still won't need more than 2-3 cups of liquid. The time should be close to the same, though of course with the stovetop model you have to watch to see when pressure is achieved. My old stovetop method, before the IP, was to pressure cook for 50 minutes, then allow it to naturally release pressure off the heat. I imagine you could let it cool naturally for 15 minutes or so, and then use cool water to drop the remaining pressure. At that point you should have nice tender meat shreds. Timing for a regular pressure cooker versus the IP is not really a lot different, it's just that the IP takes the guesswork out of things.
Natalie February 28, 2019
I tried it in the pressure cooker using the same recipe from the IP and everything got burnt inside because the steam released all the liquid whereas the IP doesn’t steam. I have 1/2 cup OJ as the only liquid. In the IP there is a ton of liquid that I reduce at the end but the stovetop pressure cooker releases it all through steam so there are very little juices. Should I just add a cup or two of water?
Lori T. February 28, 2019
Most stovetop pressure cookers need a minimum of 2 cups of liquid- the exact amount varies slightly by model and maker, but that's usually what most call for. Something that will cook for a long time might require a bit more, but you really shouldn't be losing that much liquid to steam during the process. You can certainly add water as well as the orange juice to your pot at the start, or mix half juice and half water. Be sure you are checking the pressure release regulator while it's cooking, and adjust your heat so it is barely moving around. If it is whizzing around trying to release pressure, it's also going to be venting too much steam and that will cause you to run drier than you'd like. I'm assuming that your pressure cooker uses a weighted bob or such to regulate pressure. If you know the maker of your pressure cooker, you can probably look it up on the internet and find out what the exact minimum fluid level is. I'm also assuming you have a 6-8 quart model, and not something bigger because you mention using an IP ordinarily.
Natalie February 28, 2019
Ok thank you! I'll try adding a cup of water this time. I have the fagor pressure cooker yes 6-8 quart. I thought the steam was supposed to stop coming out once it reaches pressure (like the IP) but it was continually releasing steam...hopefully that's normal!
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