Is the springform pan essential for this recipe?

  • Posted by: Rita
  • September 7, 2018


Ella Q. September 8, 2018
Hi Rita! No, it’s not essential. If you have a roughly 9-inch pie or cake pan with high sides, you can use that. Just be sure to thoroughly grease it and let the cake rest for 45 minutes before attempting to remove it.
Rita September 8, 2018
Thank you, Ella! I can't wait to try it.
Smaug September 8, 2018
I second emmie's suggestion to line the pan (with wax paper or parchment- also greased and floured); this can make a huge difference.
Emmie September 7, 2018
As long as you line it and grease it enough, a 9-inch cake pan would probably work fine unless it's very delicate, but from the looks of it it would be substantial enough to survive a flip out of the pan.
Rita September 7, 2018
Wonderful! Thanks so much!
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