The butter in these sometimes separates and I don't know why. I've made this recipe at least a dozen times, but every once in a while the batter i...

...s more of a solid than it is a liquid. And then as it bakes, the butter rises to the top and they just end up sort of funky (in both taste and texture). I am confident that I'm making the recipe correctly. The only thing that varies ingredient-wise is which cocoa powder I'm using. What could be causing this

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1 Comment

Matilda L. October 25, 2018
This happened to me a couple of times, which I chalked up to not enough stirring. You really have to put some muscle into the action after you add the flour--there isn't very much flour in the recipe, so don't be afraid to over stir, like in a cake recipe. The gluten development is very little and you really need to emulsify the batter in order to prevent separation in the oven.
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