Went to turn on gas oven to roast beef bones for slow cooker broth. Oven doesn't turn on. Decided to "roast" in iron skillets on stove. Is this OK?

Should I put bones and skillet juices in slow cooker and proceed as usual? (Not using a recipe, just doing what I always do, except oven is broken.)

Potomac Girl


Potomac G. October 28, 2018
Follow up: "roasted" the bones in iron skillet and all worked out fine. Broth is deelish!
702551 October 21, 2018
Another option would be to roast the bones in a BBQ grill.

Don't know if you have access to one but that would be my Plan B.
Smaug October 21, 2018
It won't hurt anything, but probably won't work very well as little of the bones will actually be in contact with the pan. I would look into the oven ASAP- they're pretty simple devices. If it's an old oven it could be a pilot light, usually located at the back of the broiler, that can easily be relit. Modern ovens usually have piezoelectric starters, which will give out eventually and need replacing. Or possibly the gas got turned off- there should be a valve somewhere behind the stove.
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