What do you call this kitchen utensil?

Dear moms, dads, chefs, cooks, and other kitchen tool-familiar folks,

We used to have this exact fork like spatula but it recently broke. We are looking to buy a replacement but we don't know what it's called so it is difficult to look up to even know where to buy it.

It's like a cross between a fork and a flat head spatula, slightly arched, and tapered at the tip. Non-stick pan safe.

Thank you

here is what it looks like:


Cassandra J.


cranberry October 29, 2018
Search amazon for "large kitchen fork" there are a couple of melamine options, and one silicone that is from sur la table. You have to scroll through because most are the two-tined style.
Exbruxelles October 29, 2018
This isn't the same thing, but it's very similar and would work as well.

nancy E. October 27, 2018
It says right in the picture...A fork spatula. Mystery solved
BakerBren October 26, 2018
Any chance it is an omelette whisking fork? Try a search for that and see if it is a closer match. Good luck!
Dona October 25, 2018
It’s sometimes called a Granny fork.
Scott October 25, 2018
A "sporkula"? lol!

I think both your examples called it a spatula fork. Seems right to me. Maybe try a "forked spatula" or "split spatula".
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