We are looking to purchase a new pan to cook eggs, pancakes, salmon, to sear meat, stir fry, etc. What do you recommend?

We are looking to replace a non-stick pan that we have had for many years. It has been used so much, it is no longer non-stick. We own many sizes of all clad pans. Should we just use what we have? I was thinking a cast iron, but wanted thoughts.

  • Posted by: ana
  • April 2, 2014


nancy E. April 7, 2014
If I were cooking both fish and pancakes, I would buy 2 pans if they were cast iron.
Tashipluto April 4, 2014
Lodge, which makes most cast iron pans out there, now also sells a "seasoned steel" pan. I bought a 9" one for eggs, etc. and received a 12" one as a gift. They are now my go-to pans. Totally non-stick and lighter than cast iron. Just rub a little oil in them after cleaning.
aargersi April 3, 2014
I use cast iron for MOST things but I love my scan-pan non-sticks for those things that truly need a great non-stick pan. I didn't know until recently that non-stick spray + non-stick pan = ruined sticky pan after time goes by. I also have a big giant inexpensive non-stick that is replaceable (cost like $10.00 or something) for when I really just don't feel like being loving and careful with my pan.
twinwillow April 2, 2014
I love my 9" Tefal non-stick pan and use it for most everything I don't use my well seasoned cast iron pans for. Buy it at BB&B and use the 20% coupon.
Sam1148 April 2, 2014
I find non-stick only lasts about 6 years or so no matter how well you try. The Tefal nonstick for 20 dollars does all you want as a 'go to' pan that doesn't need a lot of attention for upkept and seasoning.

But by all means if you don't have a good well seasoned cast iron pan in your arsenal get one. To me those are two different beasts and not interchangeable. For 20 dollars for a Tefal 12 inch you can still get a good cast iron with out breaking the bank.
Remember there was a reason you used your non-stick pan as a primary 'daily driver' for eggs and such. There's room for both.
The L. April 2, 2014
^^^ Agreed. A seasoned cast iron skillet is, in effect, non stick. Prowl some local flea markets or antique co-ops and you may find a number of them that need little effort to re-season.

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LindsChristine April 2, 2014
I use my cast iron pan for just about everything. After it's well-seasoned, it develops a naturally non-stick surface. If you plan to use it for stir fry, I suggest looking for one with slightly sloped sides.
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