The "my recipes" page

How do I get to the next page of "my recipes"? It doesn't show all the ones I've saved. Thanks in advance



Food52 November 14, 2011
Thank you both for sharing all these details -- this is on our bug list, and your comments will be very helpful to our developers in pinpointing the issue.
Dona November 14, 2011
I have exactly the same issues you have. A work around for me is to save a recipe to Evernote, then email to myself from Evernote to my laptop. Then I can print my that. Tedious but it works.
skook November 14, 2011
Glad you are still on the case! I show that I have 157 saved recipes. When I click on that I get to see only the first 10, and not page numbers at all underneath it. Also, any/all recipes I would like to print I cannot, as no print symbol. If I would like to search recipes, for example, appetizers, I get only one page with no page numbers showing underneath that. It has been like this (with no change) since your revamp. Again, use Internet Explorer IE8. On my ipad I see all the features (ie pages, print button, etc). Unfortunately, cannot print off my ipad. Don't want to use the ipad in the kitchen - would rather have a printed copy of the recipe. Sorry, can't give you a screenshot (don't know how!)
Kristen M. November 13, 2011
Thank you -- can you clarify exactly what your saved recipes list looks like? Is it not displaying page numbers beyond the first? Or is it displaying later page numbers that you just can't get to? If the latter, what happens when you try to click on the later pages? If you can share screenshots of any strange behavior, that would be helpful too. Thanks for your help!
skook November 12, 2011
mine is IE8 also.
Dona November 12, 2011
IE8 here
Kristen M. November 12, 2011
Thanks for reporting this. Are you all having these issues in Internet Explorer on a PC? And can I ask what browser version you're running? IE 7? IE 8? Thanks so much -- this will help us diagnose the issue.
Dona November 12, 2011
I have the same problem
skook November 12, 2011
I wish I was here answering your question! You see, I also have this same problem, among others on this new site! I also cannot access more than the first page of any list of recipes that I want to look at. Also, do not have the print button show up to print a recipe. Now, this is on my PC. On my ipad I can see the print button, and next pages. I had asked a similar question approx. 1 week ago, and others also stated they had the same problem. I was asked what my browser was.. it is Internet Explorer. Apparantly, they will be checking this out in the future, as that may be the problem. Hope this helps!
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