for your recipe Parsnip and Potato mash for six people, the directions seem wrong with just 12 ounces of potatoes total.

first of all ounces is a weird way of measuring potatoes. I looked up that 3 medium russet potatoes equals one pound generally. so when the recipe for six people suggests only 12 ounces of potatoes, I wonder how 2 potatoes are going to feed six?

Claire Leggett


Smaug November 11, 2018
I wouldn't say that ounces is at all a weird way to measure potatoes- they vary so much in size and shape that something like "3 medium potatoes" is virtually meaningless.
Nancy November 11, 2018
Most recipes for potato parsnip mash have equal amounts of the two veg, or at most 2:1 ratio.
The recipe here has a higher proportion (3:1 parsnip to potato) and only about 3 lb vegetable for 6 people...doable but no margin for big appetites or seconds.
Increase the potatoes and adjust this recipe, or look for a better one elsewhere (food network and Martha Stewart have good ones).
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