One potato, two potato....

Getting gearing up for warmer times and have been thinking about this. When making potato salad, how many potatoes do you make per person, or do you estimate by the pound? I always end up using more than needed and to me, potato salad only tastes best on the day it is made. After that, the potatoes seem mealy or dry.



Bevi April 7, 2017
I came across a recipe for Smashed Potatoes on the Cooks Illustrated website using red bliss potatoes. I used miniature red bliss potatoes, and a 2 pound bag made enough of the recipe for at least 4 people. I refrigerated the leftovers, and I have to say the chilled result was one of the best cold potato salads I have ever tasted. The dressing was moist, and the potatoes were not at all mealy or dry. It was one of those happy accidents that will have me making the recipe again, but for the dual purpose of having a great potato salad as well. So, you can double or triple this recipe as a hot dish and count on having potato salad the following day. The secret ingredient is cream cheese, mixed with melted unsalted butter.
Nancy January 31, 2017
Especially since we don't know quantity of potatoes you are using now, use trial & error.
Make your regular potato salad (keeping notes on potato volume).
Then, regular less a noticeable amount (say, 1/5 volume). See if you have leftovers with your crowd. If no, stop there and use that measure for futures.
If yes leftovers, rinse & repeat until you reach best volume for your family, friends, occasions. :)
caninechef January 31, 2017
Funny, I find most recipes are better the next day. I will agree that when I usually make too much, the pile of whole potatoes never looks as much as they do once cooked and cut up.
BerryBaby January 31, 2017
Maybe it's the type of potato I'm using, Yukon Gold. What do you use?
caninechef January 31, 2017
Red (Bliss?) usually. Maybe occasionally some other thin skinned "new" potato. I have never bought Yukon Gold.
ChefJune January 31, 2017
I estimate by the pound. Potato salad is usually served in a situation where you don't really know how much (or little) is going to be eaten. I would always err on the side of "too much." Then again, I have no aversion to leftover potato salad.
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