Can you recommend, please, the best downdraft gas cooktop?

I am considering buying a house (in the US) in which installing a hood is not an option. Thank you.

Mrs Beryl Patmore


Mrs B. November 13, 2018
Many thanks, to all three of you. Just put an offer on the house . . . fingers crossed.
BerryBaby November 14, 2018
Best of luck! Keep us posted 😄
Smaug November 12, 2018
I used a Jen Air quite a bit housesitting a while back- found it extremely effective. In fact , it was so effective that I had to go out into the driveway to smell what I was cooking.
BerryBaby November 12, 2018
This is my second JennAir gas downdraft cooktop. The first one I had for over 20 years. We updated the kitchen two years ago and got this one (photo) I absolutely love it!
Michael B. November 12, 2018
I have the Wolf cooktop and downdraft pictured here, and I love it.
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