The best electric stoves? Can we replace gas stoves and cook well?

We all need to help our world make the transition to renewables. As my friends more involved in the movement tells me, natural gas is NOT green, and I should get an electric stove. I love gas stoves, but.. have electric stoves evolved? What are the best ones?

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Usman5617!#% December 31, 2021
Are you fed up with your old manual smokers who consume too much gas but still take too much time to cook the meat chunks? Then why don’t you choose to sort out this trouble by picking the right product from the market? We’re here to guide you about the best electric smokers available in the market!

A food lover would say yuck to an uncooked food with hunger developing characters. A foody person and the cook will feel uninterested in making the dish that does not smell good and has a charcoal black appearance due to fluctuation in the temperature. But thanks to the latest technology, the key to stable cooking and temperature balance is one touch away from you in the form of electric smokers.

However, there is no better option than buying the best electric smoker for your home or barbecue food corner if you are willing to enjoy the natural taste of meat and fish. Find your barbecue buddy from the best electric smokers of the year 2021 and enjoy a quality meal with your family and friends.
Usman5617!#% December 24, 2021
In the present era, best wood pellet grill are becoming popular among people. Due to its fantastic performance, many people like to invest their money in buying an efficient pellet grill for cooking purposes. Well, pellet grills are not only suitable for nerds because the latest grillers come with the latest technologies. For this, the best pellet grills are perfectly false to cook a variety of food. In this sense, you can enjoy restaurant-like food at your home now.

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drbabs December 10, 2021
I’ve actually also considered switching from gas to a magnetic induction cooktop. My house is only 3 years old, so I’ve decided to wait for now because it seems equally wasteful to get rid of a perfectly good, relatively new cooktop. But magnetic induction is in my future.
702551 December 10, 2021
I can't comment either on "best brands". Unless you recently had one installed, it's hard to say since there are more products being released.

At some point (hopefully in the not too distant future) I will redo my kitchen and have the existing flat-top electric range replaced with a magnetic induction model. There's no way I'd replace with another electric range. Almost all of my cookware is magnetic anyhow so it's not like I'd have to replace all of my pots and pans.

Europeans are decades ahead of the USA in terms of adoption of electric ranges and cooktops. Likewise they are probably 20-25 years ahead of Americans in adopting magnetic induction cooktops; this is not new technology.

In the past, most of the electric ranges in the USA were low-end models, undisputedly because of market demand, not because the technology wasn't mature. Times have changed and there are more high-end residential models.

Judging by the overall quality of food I've eaten during numerous European visits over the past four decades, I'd say that Europeans can cook well regardless of their stove or cooktop technology assuming the person behind the stove knows what they are doing.

In my own personal experience having used a variety of these in various residences during my life, I can say that gas is a superior heat source in a handful of situations and I keep a portable butane stove for those infrequent moments. I also have a propane-powered outdoor grill at my disposal (even though I prefer wood-fired grills myself).

If you are in the market for a new electric/magnetic induction range, I suggest you visit the library and look for recent issues of Consumer Reports that cover these.
AntoniaJames December 10, 2021
I cannot comment specifically on any brand of electric stovetop, as I have a gas one, and the only electric stovetops I've used have been lower end, older ones in rental units. I do think, however, that you and anyone else reading this who is interested in the topic will find this excellent article helpful: . I see that he wrote a book, "The Climate Diet" that also might interest you.

I'm interested in others' input on this! Thanks, everyone. ;o)
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