I would like to skewer 1" pieces of pork loin, on a stick, 1/2 cook them in a micro, finishing the cooking, on a bar b q, the next day. OK?

2 concerns: Just don't want to ruin the flavor by microwave use...but feel that the bar b q and basting with teriyaki, the next day, should make them very tasty. Also have concern about microbes, or??, since I am only 1/2 cooking, refrigerating, and then finishing a day later.

  • Posted by: terry
  • November 13, 2018


So S. November 13, 2018
I....... guess it's kind of like the sous vide process?? cooking and then finishing with a sear? At the same time, barbecuing meat really doesn't take that long, especially if they're only 1 inch pieces. I would just dump your meat in a ziploc bag with the teriyaki sauce today as a sort of marinade and then barbecue it the next day. I feel like if you microwave and grill your meat will turn out super dry. Also microwaves tend to not heat very evenly so it would just be a larger hassle to get the meat to heat semi evenly
nancy E. November 13, 2018
WHY? Microwaved meat is awful. Skewer your meat and refridgerate til the next day then just cook it. Why screw around and wreck it. You are not saving any time
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