Ideas for a pork loin

I have a 1/2 pork loin (2.5 pounds or so) that I would like to make for 4 people. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for it? I would love to be able to cook it quickly on a grill...I thought about cutting into chops, pounding it out into thin pieces, and marinating it (not sure what kind)...

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Paul R. September 29, 2015
Cutting it into chops would be the quickest but don't pound them out too thin or you run the chance of them drying out, unless you brine.

If you have some time I would leave it whole, sear it on all sides, then cook it on indirect heat after it is seared. I did a 7.5 pound loin a couple weeks ago using this method, I used a rub with ground cumin, garlic powder, kosher salt, ground ginger, paprika, cayenne, and brown sugar, I sliced it thin and served on toasted torta rolls. It was excellent. Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

Or if you have a rotisserie throw it on there.
Rmapofboca September 28, 2015
Turn it into scallopini/cutlets and use as you would veal. Delicious, lean, flavorful, juicy and a fraction of the price. I dredge in a very light dusting of flour, salt and pepper and sauté in either olive oil or butter, depending on preference and the rest of the dish... (If I am really watching my diet, I skip the flour, as without the flour, the pork sautes in practically no fat, and produces a lot of juice that the later slices will sauté in, eliminating the need to add more fat as you go along. ). I have done it tons of different ways... 1. Deglaze the pan with a little more butter and shallot, add some port or Madeira let let it cook off a little, add sliced Mushrooms and dried cherries.... 2. I have also done it with bruschetta piled on top or in a mound in the middle (chopped tomatoes, minced garlic, fresh basil, a smidge of olive oil, salt and cubed mozzarella....looks beautiful. .3. I have done it where I top the cooked scallop of pork with a slice of cooked eggplant, a slice of mozzarella, on a bed to tomato sauce... (Great to assemble ahead and pop in the oven for a minute before serving to guests)?

If you don't feel like slicing it into cutlets,,, you can marinate in an Asian style marinade.. And roast, or roast with some aromatics... Carrots, onions celery, a smashed garlic clove, and some white wine and water.

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ChefJune September 28, 2015
If "cooking quickly" is your primary concern, then cutting into chops is the best idea. I like the succulence of a juicy chop, though, so I wouldn't recommend pounding them thin. OTOH, I love grilling a wholeboneless pork loin. I like to cut a hole horizontally through the middle and insert dried fruit (prunes/apricots) that have been marinated in Armagnac. After a sear to brown the roast, I'd move it to a cooler spot on the grill and cover to finish cooking.
Niknud September 28, 2015
I was just going to suggest brining. If you have a big bowl (or a plastic bag works too), it doesn't take much time - an hour will do the trick but it makes such a huge difference, especially on the grill, that we always do it. Usually I do a generous 1/4 cup sugar and a scant 1/4 cup kosher salt. Then a quick slick of oil and some fun ground spices (brown sugar, cumin, pepper, salt, red pepper flakes is a nice combo) and you're good to go. Good luck!
702551 September 28, 2015
Well, since you want to cook quickly on the grill, cutting into chops would be the simplest way to go about this. That's what the butcher does anyhow: take a pork loin roast and cut into chops.

I'm not too much into meat marinades, especially for a nice cut like pork loin. I'd just season (salt and pepper) twenty-four hours in advance of grilling. You can brine, but I find that brining is a hassle unless I am working with a larger roast.
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