Short on time. How many oz of dried cubes would a 1 1/2 loaf with the crusts removed yield?

Will need to buy unseasoned croutons.



foodluver December 2, 2018
Update - I used 1 1/2 (24 oz) of country bread and air dried it for 1 day. I removed the crusts, cut the bread into cubes and baked them in a single layer in a 300 degree oven (stirring occasionally) until lightly browned. The cubes weighed 12 oz after baking.
Gammy December 2, 2018
Perfect, thanks for sharing your results!
Irish G. December 21, 2022
Thanks for sharing this. I make a recipe every year which calls for cutting up 1 1/2 lbs of challa bread and baking until crisp. Due to age and health, I now plan to purchase the bags of bread pieces at WalMart. I had no idea how much to buy - too little or too much would spoil the recipe. Now I know!
Gammy November 17, 2018
Interesting question and a bit tough to figure. You are asking what a 24 oz (pound and a half) fresh loaf of bread would reduce to once the crusts have been removed and the croutons have been dehydrated in the oven, correct? There are 2 variables here... how much crust and amount of hydration would be removed in the process, both will change the final weight. Instead, I would look at the physical size of that 24 oz loaf and compare it to the size a bag of croutons, maybe 2 bags, maybe 3, knowing that the dried croutons will take up more space in their bag than an intact loaf would. Assuming you are making a recipe where an exact amount isn't critical, you should be fine.
foodluver November 16, 2018
i just want to know how many oz. of bread cubes would a 1-1/2 lb loaf of soft white bread (with crusts removed) yield. Sorry about leaving out the lb earlier.
Emma L. November 16, 2018
Hi! Can you share the recipe that you're looking at? Bread loaf weights depend on their type and size—but a lot of loaves are about 1 pound.
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