What are some unconventional uses for paneer?

I bought too much paneer and looking for some ideas on how to use it outside of Indian cuisine.

Xiami Lou


Ella Q. November 19, 2018
Hi Sam,

I like to use it in many of the ways I'd use feta, but I'd note that you should season the accompanying dish more than you would with feta as paneer has a milder, less salty taste.

Eunice C. November 19, 2018
Hi Sam! Let me preface this by saying that I haven't cooked with paneer much, but I did come across this burger recipe that might be worth a try. https://food52.com/recipes/77093-crispy-grilled-paneer-veggie-burger

I've also read people adding the cubes to a salad or marinating them in a salad dressing to add to a salad. Hope that helps!
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