How long can you store (uncooked) turkey skin?

I usually sous vide my bird, but this is the first year I am attempting to make baked turkey skin crackling for a topping. I brined my turkey this morning and took off the skin - is it okay to store it in a zipper top back in the fridge for a couple days until I crisp it up on Thursday? Should I rinse and dry it off before baking?

I am feeling extra paranoid with the salmonella scare!

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1 Comment

Emma L. November 20, 2018
Hi! What a fun idea to bake the turkey skin as a crispy topping. Since it's less than 2 days until Thanksgiving, the skin should be fine in the fridge until then. I actually wouldn't recommend rinsing it before cooking—running raw poultry under the faucet can cause splatters and contaminate the area surrounding your sink. When working with the raw meat and skin, just be sure to sanitize all work surfaces, thoroughly wash your hands, etc. I've actually started wearing disposable latex gloves when working with raw meat as extra insurance against any cross contamination. Hope this helps and hope you have a wonderful holiday!
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