My turkey is purple!

I am doing a dry brined, spatchcocked turkey this year that's a combination of the Russ Parson's dry brine, the spatchcocked Turkey from the most recent Turkey contest and Alton Browns Butterflied, dry brined roast turkey. Alton's recipe says to leave it in the fridge uncovered, which I did because I couldn't find any bags that were large enough. Now (the day before Thanksgiving...EEK!), my the skin on my turkey is extremely taught and its really pink....with the thighs on the verge of purple. Did I ruin my turkey!?! I have NO idea what to do....

Cheryl Baxter


Reiney November 21, 2012
Oh that's just fine - don't stress & have a great Thanksgiving :)
Cheryl B. November 21, 2012
I suppose its more pink than purple....but its still a kind of disturbing color. And it smells just fine. The areas that weren't exposed seem to be a normal color (super light pink)....
(thanks for the speedy response!)
Kristen M. November 21, 2012
Unless it smells, it's probably just fine! The dry, taught skin will crisp up beautifully, and I've seen it turn more pink after sitting in the fridge uncovered. Can you upload a photo here?
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