If you're using one recipe as a component in another, how do you link to it in the main recipe?

For instance, a recipe for curry, jam, compote, tomato sauce, etc. that is used as an ingredient in another? Especially when the main recipe already has two main components?

Burnt Offerings


Burnt O. March 11, 2011
Thanks pierino! No worries Tiggybee, I probably didn't do a very good job trying to explain what I was trying to do. :-)
TiggyBee March 11, 2011
I completely misunderstood that one!
pierino March 11, 2011
If your starter recipe is already posted to food52 go back to the recipe, copy the link and paste it into "step # " whatever.
TiggyBee March 10, 2011
Go with your instincts and keep it simple. Sometimes it's better not to over think it.
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