Turkey skin fell off

I have a 22lb turkey, which has been in the oven for about 2 hours. I just went to baste it, and when I removed the foil tenting the turkey I discovered a large portion of the skin had fallen off the breast! I still have a couple hours of cooking to go, and am very concerned my turkey will be dry and ugly.

I covered the breasts tightly with foil, and tented the entire turkey in more foil. Should I remove the foil tent? Perhaps it's too moist, which is why it's disintegrating?

Is there any way to save my turkey?

  • Posted by: Sarah
  • November 22, 2018


Mary C. November 22, 2018
Oh my! I'm sorry your turkey is giving you trouble. Did the skin slouch off (for lack of a better description) or did it "melt" off into the drippings? If it slouched off, you may be able to salvage it by pulling it up over the breast and securing with wooden toothpicks. If it melted into the drippings, it is going to add PHENOMENAL flavor to your gravy.

If it was me, I'd keep the foil tent on and I'd keep basting! Even if the breast is skinless when it comes time to serve it, I bet it will still be delicious.
Azora Z. November 22, 2018
Hi Sarah! Happy Thanksgiving! No matter what, your turkey is going to be delicious.

The foil is indeed keeping all the moisture in and preventing the skin from getting brown or crispy-- or in this case, staying on! I would remove the foil if you want the skin to stay on or get browned at all and I worry if the foil stays on you'll lose more skin. Perhaps (and this is a wacky idea I have not tested), you could keep that loose skin on the bird with a toothpick? Might be a bad idea but if you're looking to patch things up for presentation reasons later, it could help.

Rest assured, if you take the foil off the turkey will not be dry and ugly :)
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