Is it too late to dry brine the turkey?

Can I still dry brine the turkey? Is there a point where you shouldn't salt the turkey until right before cooking?

  • Posted by: Randi
  • November 26, 2013


frizz November 27, 2013
I read the dry-brined recipe here this morning thinking I had plenty of time today to salt the bird. I panicked and then saw this thread. Thank you so much for that Michael Symon recipe! It looks delicious and saves the day!
QueenSashy November 26, 2013
Here is Michael Symon's recipe where he dry brines for one day. Go for it!
Brette W. November 26, 2013
It will definitely still be delicious!
Monita November 26, 2013
Dry brining works best when you can do it for 2 days. But if you get your turkey ready now I think you'll still have the benefit of the brine, since you aren't roasting the turkey until Thursday
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